Tech Hiring on the Building You Podcast

Hiring for Tech
March 30, 2020

From left to right: myself, Bertram, Ned and Jon

The panel, consisting of myself, Bertram, Ned and Jon. Courtesy of Building You Podcast

I recently had the honor of talking with Jonathan Freeman, host of the Building You Podcast. The podcast covers “everything beyond the code,” and one topic that’s come up frequently is hiring.

Not only did I talk about hiring in my one-on-one chat with Jon, but I also participated in a roundtable with other thought leaders in the hiring space. I’ve always been interested in getting other people’s perspective in this newsletter (which, if you’re interested, please let me know!). So, the roundtable gave me a lot to think about.

Today, I want to share some interesting insights from my sessions on the Building You Podcast. I highly recommend watching both sessions, because we talk about more than just hiring, but if you’re interested in specific topics, I’ll link to those sections.

My thoughts on hiring

My one-on-one interview with Jon

(Link to full episode.)

There’s a lot more, whether about hiring or about how to succeed in tech, so please do listen to the episode. Other topics include handling inbound recruiter messages and resume filters.

A roundtable with Bertram and Ned

The roundtable episode, with Bertram and Ned

(Link to full episode.)

In this episode, I talked with Bertram Lansiquot and Ned Rockson. Bertram is a recruiter and the host of the #AskARecruiter video series. Ned is a software engineer who’s been hiring for a while and has written about the topic (I featured his article in my second edition of this newsletter.

As before, this is by no means a comprehensive list of interesting topics in this episode, so definitely give the whole thing a listen. A second part is coming out soon!

Many of the topics brought up in the above episodes are ones that have been on my mind, or were brought to my attention by the fantastic insights Bertram, Ned and Jon shared with me. I’ll be talking about these topics in future editions of this newsletter, but you can get a sense of where I stand on them based on what I said in the podcast.